Biola University Torrey Memorial Bible Conference

Biola University Torrey Memorial Bible Conference

Title: The Torrey Memorial Bible Conference

Theme: Giver of Life

Conference Date: October 10-13, 2017

Location: Metzger Lawn

Brief Description:

Biola University invites you to attend “The Torrey Memorial Bible Conference” the conference will be an expanded experience, a week-long conversation around the theme stretched out over chapels.  The core of the conference will be in the three evening sessions on Tuesday, October 10, Wednesday, October 11, and Thursday, October 12 drawing the community to the heart of the conferences

The theme for this conference, lifted right from the Nicene Creed, proclaims that the Holy Spirit (Gk. pneuma, “breath” or “wind”), the “Giver of Life,” has always been and continues to be at work among us. In the Scriptures, He is the world-creating Spirit, the one through whom Jesus was conceived at birth and raised from the dead.

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