Check & Connect International Conference

Title: Check & Connect International Conference

Theme: Student Engagement

Consideration Date: September 29, 2017

Location: McNamara Alumni Center on the campus of the University of Minnesota

Keynote Speakers: Hedy Chang, Ph.D., Attendance Works, Amy Reschly, Ph.D., University of Georgia

Brief Description:

Check & Connect (C&C) is hosting its second international conference, “Student Engagement: Connection to School, Motivation to Learn,” at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. The conference is intended to bring together leading experts and practitioners from around the country and overseas to address the topic of student engagement among at-risk youth.

This two-day event will consist of both keynotes and concurrent presentations addressing at least one of four topics:

  • Strategies and components to engage students
  • Site-level leadership strategies to foster a fully engaged student body
  • Scaling up and sustaining practices across multiple schools, districts, and states
  • Current, relevant studies on Check & Connect and other student engagement strategies

At the end of the conference Participants are able to learn and understand:

  • The core components and elements of Check & Connect
  • The context for Check & Connect, including the process of disengagement
  • How Check & Connect was developed, including its theoretical underpinnings
  • Steps for preparing for and implementing Check & Connect at their sites
  1. Aligning Check & Connect with current initiatives
  2. Identifying the indicators of disengagement at their site
  3. Designating a coordinator and hiring mentors
  4. Systematically monitoring student data and identifying appropriate interventions for reengaging students
  5. Strengthening the family-school relationship
  6. Monitoring the person-environment fit
  7. Evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of Check & Connect at their sit

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