Free Online Course on Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business

Free Online Course on Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is delighted to offer you a free online course named as “Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business”. This course will explain how these changes will be brought about by the extensive use of digital intelligence, which will be available on mobile, internet, and pervasive computing as homes, offices, and factories become a well knitted cyber-physical system. In this course, you will discuss changes/predictions we foresee in the future, such as:

  • The credit card business will fade out gradually
  • All currency will be Bitcoin
  • Whereas traditional internet gives rise to digital divide, the mobile internet will narrow the wealth gap
  • Most e-business models will become obsolete, leaving customer to factory (C2F)
  • No more talents to hide except partners
  • Mobile phones will be outdated and replaced by augmented virtual reality (AVR)
  • Big corporates will transform to big platforms
  • The birth of real Internet economics
  • The death of global manufacturing to networked and dispersed manufacturing

This course will start on January 16, 2018.

Course Summary

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Commitment: 6-8 hours per week
  • Subject:  Business & Management
  • Institution:  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Languages: English
  • Price: Free
  • Session: Starts on January 16, 2018
  • Requirement:  Anyone
  • Certificate Available: Yes

Who Developed the Course

  • About University: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is committed to education and preparing students to become global citizens through quality learning and teaching.  We are internationally known for our excellence in professional education and innovative research. Established in 1937, we have nurtured over 355,000 graduates, many of whom have become leaders in their professional fields, contributing their knowledge and expertise to building Hong Kong’s thriving economy and improving the world
  • Mission of University: To develop and maintain a healthy and safe campus environment for the quest for excellence in learning, teaching, and research with positive safety culture and risk management through provision of professional guidance together with effective and efficient services.

Target Audience

No prior programming experience is needed.

Where Could This Lead You

  • Importance of the Subject in Today’s Scenario: Millions flock to their computers, consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and social networks each day to play World of Warcraft, Farmville, Scrabble, and countless other games, generating billions in sales each year.
  • Your Career Option: After successfully completing the course you can build your career in the following:
  1. Market Associate
  2. Business Partner
  3. Director, Business Value Services
  4. Operations Manager
  5. Sr Business Analyst

Get Extra Benefits

Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain ($50)

  • Official and Verified: Receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects
  • Easily Shareable:Add the certificate to your CV or resume, or post it directly on LinkedIn
  • Proven Motivator: Give yourself an additional incentive to complete the course

How to Join This Course

You should register yourself through the given link of join this free online course:

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain skills:

  • Understand the various stages of industrial revolutions
  • Understand the Future of Work and the skills needed
  • The drivers, enablers and compelling forces for Industry 4.0’s advancement
  • Smart factories and how they compare to existing ones
  • Understand what Internet of Thing (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Predictive Analysis, Big Data leading to data-driven decisions and automation
  • Cyber Physical Systems and other major systems in Industry 4.0
  • Understand the role and importance of data and cloud computing
  • How to use the Cloud to support human-machine collaborative efforts
  • The use of collaborative robots
  • Examples of smart automation, products, and services
  • The challenges in cyber security and how to reduce them
  • How organizations and knowledge workers can better prepare for Industry 4.0

Who Will You Learn With

  • Eric Tsui: Professor Eric Tsui is the professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Associate Director of Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  • Jay Lee: Dr. Jay Lee is Ohio Eminent Scholar, L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor, and Distinguished Univ. Professor at the Univ. of Cincinnati and is the founding director of National Science Foundation (NSF), a multi-campus NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center which consists of the Univ. of Cincinnati (lead institution), the Univ. of Michigan, Missouri Univ. of S&T, and the Univ. of Texas-Austin.
  • Norbert Gronau: Norbert Gronau studied engineering and business administration at Berlin University of Technology. He got his Ph.D. 1994 for a framework on a strategic management information system for the production management. Until March 2000 he was head of the self-funded research group Industrial applications of business information systems at the Institute of Business Information Systems of the Berlin University of Technology.
  • Doug Vogel: Professor Doug Vogel is the chief academic director of management science and engineering of HIT. He was selected by the “Foreign Experts thousands of people plan,” the International Academy of Information Systems Association (AIS Fellow) and the International Association for Information Systems (AIS President).

Suggested Reading

You can refer these books:

  • Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry (Collins Business Essentials)by Michael Dell, Catherine Fredman
  • Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industryby Michael Dell


  • Importance of Course: After completing the course you will understand to the fourth industrial revolution, its major systems and technologies and how new products and services will impact business and society.
  • Importance of Certificate: By the Certificate of Achievement you will be able to prove your success when applying for jobs or courses. You can display it on your LinkedIn or CV.

Detailed Information

For more information about the course, you may visit the given link:!

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