ILI Fellowship

ILI Fellowship

Award Amount: Costs including accommodation and travel

Number of Awards: Not Known

Deadline: January 17, 2018

Winner Announcement: Not Known

Brief Description:

The Intercultural Leadership Institute (ILI) is glad to announce a scholarship program named as “ILI Fellowship”. Artists, culture bearers and arts managers in various stages of career development may apply for the fellowship program. ILI seek to develop leaders specifically within the arts & culture field to adeptly respond to significant changes that impact society, politics, environment, and economy.

Host Institution:

The Intercultural Leadership Institute is a year-long intensive leadership program for artists, culture bearers, and other arts professionals. As a peer cohort, ILI intercultural leaders hone personal and professional skills to affect local, national and global communities – and promote a shift toward greater awareness, resourcing, and action in the broader field of arts & culture.


This scholarship program is applicable for:

  • Artists, culture bearers and arts managers in various stages of career development may apply.
  • Successful applicants will demonstrate strong leadership potential within the field of arts and culture as well as a deep commitment to the community, social change and/or cultural equity.
  • The program will be rigorous and will require a commitment to attend three week-long in-person convening’s as well as participation in online sessions, peer interaction and other engagement over the course of a one-year period.

Instructions for Applying:

You can apply online for this fellowship program by the given link:

Supporting Documents:

You will be required to submit the following:

Online Profile:

  • Carefully review the 2018-19 Intercultural Leadership Institute Guidelines. Follow instructions to ensure that your application materials are complete. An incomplete application will not be considered.
  • Prepare responses and materials for the online application as follows:

Section I:  Online Profile: Enter your contact and demographic information and then address the following prompts:

  • How did you learn about the Intercultural Leadership Institute?  Please be as specific as possible.
  • If you are an artist, please indicate primary and additional artistic medium(s) or discipline(s).
  • If you work, present or volunteer with arts and culture based organizations, please provide the following information for your primary organizational affiliation:
  1. Organization’s name, address & website
  2. Your Current title/relationship
  3. Your main duties/responsibilities
  4. Name of organization’s executive director or primary leader
  5. Year organization was founded
  6. How long have you been affiliated with the organization?
  7. How did the organization emerge (i.e. as a community effort, a single founder, etc.)?
  8. Are there any other organizational affiliations you would like to note?
  • Enter your 100-word biography.
  • Upload a photo of yourself which will be used publicly should you be chosen as a 2018-19 ILI Fellow.

Section II: Narrative, Audio or Video Essay: Address all of the following questions in either narrative form (maximum 1,000 words count total) or in video or audio form (5-minute maximum) which can be linked or uploaded in the online application form.

  • Describe your work as an artist, culture bearer or other arts professional.
  • What are the roots or values that inform your work and how do they inform who you are today?
  • Describe the community in which you live and practice and how your work impacts your community.
  • Describe both a recent success and a current challenge in your career/work.
  • Why do you want to attend the Intercultural Leadership Institute?

Section III:  Optional Work Sample

  • You have the option of providing a work sample to accompany your application.  If you are including a sample, prepare a description of the work sample in less than 250 words, noting if the artistic work is your own or work you have facilitated or supported as an arts professional.
  • Audio or visual samples less than 5 minutes (time stamp indicators on longer pieces are acceptable), written samples up to 1,000 words, visual samples up to 4 images or a website link are acceptable work sample formats.

Award Description:

All program costs including accommodation and travel will be covered for program participants by ILI and our funding partners.

Detailed Information Link:

Contact Information:

If you have questions or need application support, you can contact ILI at