Scholarships in USA

Last year, UGA awarded more than $7 million in scholarships and awards from University Foundation funds to undergraduate students. Most academic (merit-based) scholarships for first-year students are awarded during the Admissions process.

Approximately 14% of enrolled first-year students received an academic scholarship from UGA.

Additionally, scholarships available through individual academic departments are typically awarded to upperclassmen, but prospective students should consult the websites of their intended department for more information. Some scholarships for first-year students require an additional application. Please consult the following list for more information as well as this supplemental list of scholarships.

International and F-1 visa applicants can qualify for many of these merit-based scholarships.

All scholarships awarded by the Undergraduate Admissions office are renewable for eight semesters of full-time enrollment, or the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. To renew the scholarship each year, students must maintain specific academic requirements which are detailed in the award letter.

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