College Students Get 25% off Local Deals by Groupon

Grab 25% off on Local Deals! Groupon Inc. is giving some really special people the opportunity to use a great discount on a Groupon purchase. The 25% discount may be used exclusively by the Qualifying Student on 1 unit per transaction on any eligible Local deal. Max discount of $30 per use.

Just find a deal you like (whether in the email, on the site, or on your mobile device), and they will automatically deduct the discount amount from the purchase price when you buy a Groupon for the deal before the expiration date included in the offer.

Minimum or Maximum Purchase Amount: It depends on the discount they offer, but some require a minimum purchase amount for a single Groupon, and you won’t be able to combine multiple lower-priced Groupons to meet the minimum purchase. There’s never a maximum purchase amount, but if you receive an offer for a certain percentage off of a Groupon, there will be a maximum discount that you can receive.

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