National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

Award Amount: Grand-Prize:$7,500 & each winner will receive $2,500

Number of Awards: Not known

Deadline: November 17, 2017, at 12 p.m. EST

Winner Announcement: Not known

Brief Description:

The National Geographic Society (NGS) is pleased to announce the Nature Photographer of the Year contest program. This Society is looking for spectacular pictures that tell the story of animals, lands, and environments around the world and as well as their fans will vote for their favorite photos. Images with the most votes will be named the Peoples’ Choice winner.In order to apply,  you will submit the Wildlife, Landscapes, Aerials, and Underwater.

Host Institution:

The National Geographic Society (NGS), headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States, is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Founded in 1888, its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.


Applicant must:

  • The caption must be complete and accurate, sufficient to convey the circumstances in which the photograph was taken.
  • Watermarks are unacceptable. Unless Sponsor receives a non-watermarked version of the Submission within ten (10) days following its request, the Submission will be disqualified.
  • Each Submission must be the submitting entrant’s own.
  • The entrant must provide upon request all appropriate clearances, permissions, and releases for the Submission in a form and, to disqualify the applicable Submission, or seek to secure the releases and clearances for Sponsor’s benefit.
  • Limit: There is no limit on the number of entries per person.

Instructions for Applying:

In order to apply, you must log in to submit to the  National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year through the given link:

Supporting Documents:

To apply, students should submit the following:

  • Submissions must be in digital format. Only online entries will be eligible. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Contest. The photograph need not be taken with a digital camera, scans of negatives, transparencies, or photographic prints are acceptable.All digital files must be 20 megabytes or smaller, must be in JPEG or .jpg format, and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).
  • Submissions must have been taken within two (2) years before the date of entry and may not previously have won an award in the National Geographic International Photography Contest.
  • Only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is minor cropping. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are acceptable. Any changes to the original photograph not itemized here or in the Guidelines are unacceptable and will render the Submission ineligible for a prize.The Submission, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the Contest entrant.

Award Description:

The grand-prize winner will receive $7,500. One first-place winner will be selected from each of the four categories. Each winner will receive $2,500.

Detailed Information Link: