Universidad De Antioquia Rankings and Academics

Universidad De Antioquia Rankings and Academics

The University of Antioquia is a public, departmental, coeducational, research university located primarily in the city of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. It is an also called UdeA and in Spanish: Universidad de Antioquia. Founded in 1803, it is the oldest departmental university in Colombia. It remains the second largest one in the country, with over 39.000 students. The university ranked is #854 in best global universities.

The university is also renowned for its prestigious Faculty of Medicine, which is acknowledged as the top medical school in Colombia. Its main campus is located in the scientific and technological district of Medellín, the capital city of the Department of Antioquia. It currently has 11 campuses covering all zones of Antioquia.


The University of Antioquia mission is to generate, develop and disseminate knowledge in a wide range of disciplines including humanities, science, arts, philosophy, technics, and technology through research, teaching and extension activities. Universidad de Antioquia offers nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate programs that are delivered through both face-to-face and distance learning methods.

University Profile

  • Type of University: Public
  • Established: 1803
  • Sports: Track, Football
  • Address: 67-Street No. 53-108, Medellin, Antioquia
  • Global Score: 38.8


Universidad de Antioquia ranks among the world’s best universities in latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE).

  • World University Rankings 2017 is 601-650
  • World University Rankings 2016 is 601-650
  • World University Rankings 2015 is 501-550
  • World University Rankings 2014 is 501-550

Universidad De Antioquia Rankings and Academics

Academic divisions of the University of Antioquia

  • The university is a member of the Association of Colombian Universities (ASCUN), the Iberoamerican Association of Postgraduate Universities (AUIP), and the network Universia.
  • The university offers 87 undergraduate degrees, 48 specializations, 41 medical specializations, 53 master’s degrees and 22 doctoral degrees in Medellín.
  • In the regional campuses, they offer 126 undergraduate degrees and two master’s degrees.
  • The UdeA has also a number of international partnerships, offering student exchange programs and some double degrees with foreign institutions, among them: Politecnico di Torino, Universidade de São Paulo, and Politecnico di Milano.
  • The university has 25 academic divisions at its flagship campus:
  • Faculties
  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
  3. Faculty of Economics
  4. Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
  5. Faculty of Communications
  6. Faculty of Law and Political Sciences
  7. Faculty of Education
  8. Faculty of Nursing
  9. Faculty of Engineering
  10. Faculty of Medicine
  11. Faculty of Dentistry
  12. Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences
  13. Faculty of Public Health
  • Schools
  1. School of Languages
  2. Inter-American School of Library Studies
  3. School of Microbiology
  4. School of Nutrition
  • Institutes
  1. Institute of Philosophy
  2. Institute of Physical Education and Sports
  3. Institute of Political Studies
  4. Institute of Regional Studies
  • Corporations
  1. Academic Environmental Corporation
  2. Academic Corporation Basic Biomedical Sciences
  3. Academic Corporation for the Study of Tropical Pathologies

Study at University

  • Undergraduate exchange: The University offers 118 undergraduate programs in its 25 Academic Units. The students have the possibility to engage in academic cooperation activities under any of the programs they wish.
  • Master degree studies: The University of Antioquia offers 64 Master Degree programs in its 25 academic units with a two year study period. The university also offers 46 medical specializations.
  • D. studies: The University of Antioquia offers 23 Ph.D. programs under 120 academic emphasis lines.
  • Post-doctoral research and Staff: The faculty is looking forward to expanding its international research network as well as welcoming applications from staff and talented post-doctoral researchers.

Research System

  • UdeA is considered one of the leading research universities in the country and its policies are consistent with the Colombian National System of Science, Technology, and Innovation.
  • The University has 228 research groups in the categories established by Colciencias (A1, A, B, C, and D).
  • In 2006, the university provided an investment of about $145 billion COP for research.
  • The SIU supports currently 36 research groups that are classified by Colciencias as categories A and B, working in diverse areas such as biotechnology, chemistry, materials science, genetics, environment, and immunology, infectious and tropical diseases.

Contact Information

Add: Calle 67 No. 53 – 108, Antioquia, 50031, Colombia
Website: http://www.udea.edu.co