Universidad Del Rosario

Universidad Del Rosari

Universidad Del Rosario is a Colombian university founded on Roman Catholic principles, in 1653 by Fray Cristobal de Torres. Located in Bogotá, due to its important place in Colombian history, it is known as “the Cradle of the Republic”. It was founded, similar to Salamanca and began with four Faculties: Medicine, Law, Theology, and Philosophy. Most faculties reside at the Cloister, the main campus located in the historic-geographical center of Bogotá. It also included a private all-male traditional primary and secondary school until 2008. Universidad del Rosario has the National accreditation, given by the Ministry of Education, which up to now has only been accorded to 12 Universities in Colombia. Their Rector is currently in contact with European Agencies, looking for the agency that will study the possibility of an International Accreditation.

The Universidad Del Rosario’s motto is “Nova et Vetera” which means the old and the new. They value tradition but are perfectly aware that they have to keep up with modern times and plan for the future.

Universidad Del Rosario Offers 23 Bachelor’s Degrees Including:

• Occupational therapy
• Finance and international trade
• Liberal arts in social sciences
• Production and logistics management
• Politics and government science

Faculties Right Now Are:

Human Sciences, with programmers in Philosophy, Sociology, Liberal Arts, Journalism Health Sciences: Medicine, Psychology, Rehabilitation and Human Development with Physiotherapy, Speech and Hearing Therapy and Occupational Therapy Law Economics, with Economics and Finance and International Trade Business Administration with Business Administration and International Business Administration International Relations Political Science and Government .

Universidad Del Rosari

More Information About Universidad Del Rosario:

  • Campus: The Cloister, Quinta de Mutis, Northern Campus.
  • Phone: +57 1 2970200
  • Address: Cl. 12c #6-25, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Total Enrollment: 13,000 (2010)
  • Website: http://www.urosario.edu.co/