Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon

Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (English: University of the Sacred Heart), abbreviated “USC” and often called simply Sagrado, is an educational institution of higher learning located in Santurce, Puerto Rico. It is one of the oldest and largest educational institutions in Puerto Rico. Its origins date back to 1880 with the establishment of an elementary school by, the religious order of the Catholic Church known as “Religiosas del Sagrado Corazón” in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Motto in English- I will give glory to Him who gives me wisdom
Established– 1880
Type- Private, not-for-profit


The University of the Sacred Heart’s mission was to establish in Puerto Rico the educational and spiritual work that just 80 years before had begun the mother Magdalena Sofía Barat in France. With its mission and vision, the University is positioned as an entity that contributes in a vital way to the future of the country, by training intellectually prepared citizens with the highest ethical and Christian values.


  • 1880- Three religious of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (RSCJ) are established in Puerto Rico and found the College of the Sacred Heart
  • 1976- The use of the current name is allowed: University of the Sacred Heart (USC).
  • 1972- It initiates a new stage with the admission of students of both sexes.
  • 1935- It establishes the University College of the Sacred Heart, better known as the “COLLEGE”.
  • 1906- The RSCJ are established in the estate of the Conde de Santurce and a new campus is built for the College.


The University of the Sacred Heart offers a great variety of Bachilleratos and Minor Concentrations. In addition, Sacred, in consortium with other accredited universities, offers combined degrees of baccalaureate and masters in five years, or baccalaureate and doctorate in Medicine in seven years, thus saving money and time.

  • Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Combined Programs
  • Programs in Consortium with other Universities
  • Postgraduate Certificates and Masters

Contact Information:

Email – admission-at-sagrado.edu
Phone- 787 728-1515
Postal address
PO BOX 12383, San Juan PR 00914-8505
Physical address: Calle Rosales, Esq. San Antonio, Pda 26 1/2, Santurce PR 00914

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