University of Magdalena

University of Magdalena

The University of Magdalena (Spanish: Universidad del Magdalena), is a public, departmental, coeducational, research university based in the city of Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia. The University of Magdalena is a state institution of the territorial order, created by Ordinance No. 005 of October 27, 1958, organized as an autonomous entity with the special regime, linked to the Ministry of National Education in terms of policy and planning within the education sector. It enjoys legal status granted by the Government of the Department of Magdalena by Resolution 831 of December 3, 1974. Its corporate purpose is to provide the public higher education service, through the exercise of academic, administrative, financial and budgetary autonomy, with government, income and own and independent assets

Motto in English- A more inclusive and innovative University
Established- October 27, 1958
Type- Public


Develop advanced training and continuing education programs jointly with the different Faculties of the University, aiming at a high level of quality and attending to the needs of the environment, to contribute effectively to the development of the region and the country, in the Social Area, economic, political, scientific and technological.


  1. Basic sciences- biology
  2. Education Sciences- Bachelor in Basic Education with emphasis in Informatics, Bachelor in Preschool
  3. Health Sciences- Nursing, Medicine, odontology, and Psychology
  4. Business and Economics- Business Administration, Administration of Tourism and Hotel Companies, Public Accounting, Economy, and International Business
  5. Humanities- Anthropology, Film and Audiovisuals, and Law
  6. Engineering

Contact Information:

PBX: (57-5) 4217940
Free National Line: 018000516060
Address: Carrera 32 No 22 – 08
Postal Code No. 470004
PO Box 2-1-21630
Santa Marta DTCH – Colombia
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