What Can You Do With a History Degree?

What Can You Do With a History Degree

History Degree

History is one of the most versatile degrees you can take. It provides a distinctive education by developing an awareness of differing political, cultural, social and economic structures in past societies and their interrelationship. History is the study of the human experience in all times and places. A History major prepares students to become better educated and more productive citizens.

Why Study in History Major

The study of history introduces students to peoples, ideas, and cultures that may be unfamiliar, and thereby helps put our own world into perspective. History students are encouraged to think analytically and argumentatively through the study of the past. Through your studies, you will acquire many soft skills including writing, critical thinking, and organizational skills.

Types of History Degrees

The study of history is important in today’s ever-evolving society. When selecting your history degree program, make sure that your prospective college or university offers a concentration in the historical period or subject that interests you the most.

  • Diplomas and Certificates: Many schools now offer certificate programs in highly specialized areas as an opportunity for people who share an interest in a specific era to sample the kinds of courses involved in a traditional degree program.
  • Associate Degrees: Professionals who earned their undergraduate degree in a field other than history can prepare themselves for graduate study by completing an associate degree in their chosen specialty.
  • Bachelor’s Degrees: A degree in history requires a curriculum of core courses that can include mathematics, English, literature, science, fine arts and a variety of electives.

What Can You Do With a History Degree

Careers for History Majors

History degree has many advantages that will help prepare students in a variety of different career areas. Students with a solid background in history will be well suited to obtain teaching credentials in subjects such as history, social studies, government, political science, humanities, and general studies. History graduates often become teachers, but teaching is not the only option available to someone with a History degree. Careers filed directly related to your degree include:

  • Heritage manager
  • Historians as educators
  • Historians as researchers
  • Historians as writers and editors
  • Historic buildings inspector or conservation officer
  • Museum education officer
  • Museum or gallery curator
  • Museum or gallery exhibitions officer
  • Secondary school teacher

Job Options

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Academic librarian
  • Archaeologist
  • Archivist
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Editorial assistant
  • Information officer
  • PPC specialist
  • Politician’s assistant
  • Solicitor
  • Web content manager

Skills for Your CV

A degree in history develops your-

  • Critical reasoning and analytical skills, including the capacity for solving problems and thinking creatively
  • Intellectual rig-our and independence, including the ability to conduct detailed research
  • Ability to construct an argument and communicate findings in a clear and persuasive manner, both orally and in writing
  • Capability to work without direct supervision and manage time and priorities effectively
  • Ability to discuss ideas in groups, and to negotiate, question and summaries
  • Capacity to think objectively and approach problems and new situations with an open mind
  • Appreciation of the different factors that influence the activities of groups and individuals in society.

What Can You Do With a History Degree

Where You Can Get Best Graduate History Programs

To further your help, we have collected here U.S. best university or colleges that offer several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in History to match your interests and educational goals. Discover the U.S’s top few universities for history, with the QS World University Rankings by history subject.

Rank School name Score
#1Tie Princeton University Princeton, NJ 4.8
#1Tie Stanford University Stanford, CA 4.8
#1Tie Yale University New Haven, CT 4.8
#4Tie Harvard University Cambridge, MA 4.7
#4Tie University of California— Berkeley Berkeley, CA 4.7
#6Tie Columbia University New York, NY 4.6

Related courses

Interested in learning more? Students who are interested in this course might also like to consider Archaeology and Anthropology, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, other History courses or History of Art.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Free Online Courses for History Major

If you are enrolled or going to enroll in the history major, then this list might be helpful for you. Here you can find scholarships, fellowships, and free online courses for your study. So don’t waste your time and search for a history scholarship and courses below given list. Good Luck!!

Kress Institutional Fellowships in the History of European Art

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation is proud to announce the Kress History of Art: Institutional Fellowships. The programs are open to Ph.D. candidates who are U.S. citizens or individuals matriculated at an American university and nominated by their academic department. The Kress History of Art: Institutional Fellowships are intended to provide promising young art historians with the opportunity to experience just this kind of immersion.

Provided By: Samuel H. Kress Foundation
Course: Degree courses
Award: $30,000 per annum
Eligibility: Ph.D. candidates
Deadline:  November 30, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/kress-institutional-fellowships-history-european-art/

What Can You Do With a History Degree

Cornell’s Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships

With the sponsorship of the Society for the Humanities, the Department of English and the Department of History of Art are inviting the applications for a two-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in English and History of Art. These programs are open to those who have received the Ph.D. degree after September 1, 2012, and no later than June 30, 2018. International applicants are also welcome to apply.

Provided By: Society for the Humanities
Course: Degree course
Award: $100,000
Eligibility: Ph.D. candidates, International applicants
Deadline:  November 1, 2017, and November 30, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/cornells-mellon-postdoctoral-fellowships/

Medals of America Scholarship

Everyone deserves the opportunity to further their education hence Medals of America is giving you chance to apply for this “Medals of America Scholarship”. You must be Enrolled (or enrolling) as a full-time student of accredited college/university within the U.S. to apply for the scholarship. Medals of America delighted to provide assistance through our Civil Service/Political Science/ History Scholarship for active duty and veteran students continuing their education.

Provided By: Medals of America Company
Course: Multiple courses
Award: $1,000
Eligibility: College/university students
Deadline:  December 31, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/medals-america-scholarship/

RPM Foundation Grant Program

The RPM Foundation is pleased to announce its grant program to help the organizations who are dedicated to instructing and training young people, primarily 18-25-year-olds, to restore and preserve vintage cars and boats, as well as providing them with a pathway to careers. Winners of the RPM Foundation Grant will receive an average first-time grant award of $10,000.

Provided By: RPM Foundation
Course: Varies
Award: $10,000
Eligibility: All educational institutions or non-profit organizations are eligible.
Deadline:  December 8, 2017, and April 20, 2018.
Apply Now: http://rpm.foundation/apply-for-grant/

What Can You Do With a History Degree

Free Online Course on From Goddard to Apollo – Part 1

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is offering you a free online course named as From Goddard to Apollo – Part 1: The Rockets’ Red Glare. This aerospace history course will take you back in time and trace the many developments in technology that transformed rockets from celebratory accouterments to weapons and finally to launchpads for human space travel. Finally, you will be introduced to the contributions of rocket pioneers such as Tsiolkovsky, Oberth, and Goddard who dreamed of and paved the way for space travel.  It is a Self-Paced course.

Provided By: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Subject: History
Duration: 4 weeks
Requirement: Anyone
Start Date: Self-Paced
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-on-from-goddard-to-apollo-part-1/

Free Online Course on Radical Spirituality

Lancaster University introduces you a free online course named as “Radical Spirituality: the Early History of the Quakers”. You will learn about the beginnings of the radical religious group as it emerged in 17th century England, with this free online course. You will be finding out about what lies at the heart of Quaker beginnings, who its main characters were, and how in a few weeks during the summer of 1652 the Quaker movement was formed in the north of England.

Provided By: Lancaster University
Subject: History of Religious
Duration: 3 weeks
Requirement: Interest in religion or history
Start Date: To be announced
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-radical-spirituality/

Free Online Course on England in the Time of King Richard III

The University of Leicester is glad to announce you a free online course name as England in the Time of King Richard III. Explore 15th century England through archaeology, history, and literature. Learn more about Richard III’s discovery and reburial. In this free online course, a team of scholars from the University of Leicester address a broad set of themes about the England Richard would have inhabited in the 15th century and look back at his rediscovery and re-interment.

Provided By: The University of Leicester
Subject: History
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirement: Anyone
Start Date: Ongoing
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/england-in-the-time-of-king-richard-iii-explore-15th-century-england-through-archaeology-history-and-literature/

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