What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

Economics is one of the most popular and most commonly offered majors in colleges today. A degree in economics can be used in many areas, including public policy and finance. You can use an economics degree to study industry trends, labor markets, the prospects for individual companies, and the forces that drive the economy. To choose the right career, you will need to consider your other skills, interests, and values.

What Will You Study In An Economics Major?

If you are interested in majoring in economics, you’ll be studying (unsurprisingly) economic theory in all its various forms. Macroeconomics, macroeconomics, currency systems, international economics, and more will all be slotted into your course of study. By the end of your pursuit of an economics degree, you should have a strong grounding in all the economic principles and theories that will help you pursue your occupation.

An economics major would be able to move into the study of economics for a master’s or Ph.D. degree, while a business major would not be able to do so. Those with economics degrees or business degrees would all be able to pursue MBAs.

Where Your Degree Would Be Useful Include:

  • Actuary
  • Civil Service fast streamer
  • Data scientist
  • Diplomatic service officer
  • Local government officer
  • Management consultant
  • Quantity surveyor

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

Career or Job Options:

A degree in economics provides you with an array of subject-specific and transferable skills highly sought after by employers. There are many possible career choices for people with a degree in economics.  You can choose one of your interests of filed.

  • Professional Economist
  • Banking
  • Accountancy
  • Business and financial consultancy
  • Public sector
  • Actuarial analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Forensic accountant
  • Investment analyst
  • Statistician
  • Stockbroker

Work Experience:

In order to find out more about the work of economists in government, you could consider applying for a place on the Government Economic Service (GES) summer vacation placement scheme, which offers work experience opportunities ranging from six to 12 weeks.

Economics Degree Skills:

The economics major develops problem-solving and data analysis skills for use in both business and government settings. An economics degree gives you subject-specific skills enabling you to apply economic principles and models. You’ll also gain an understanding of the large driving forces shaping social policy and financial markets, as well as skills in statistical analysis. You’ll also develop valuable transferable skills including:

  • Communication – presenting findings and explaining complex data
  • Numeracy – handling complex data and applying mathematical and statistical analysis methods
  • Problem-solving – extracting information, drawing conclusions and making recommendations
  • Computing – using specialized software
  • Time management – completing specific tasks within designated time frames
  • Analytical skills – analyzing research methods, data, conclusions, and recommendations

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

Internship, Scholarships, and Courses:

Economics offers students a good grounding business and industry. If you are studying in economics major and looking a program like an internship, scholarship or economic courses then hurry up!! Here many scholarships are widely available.

Walt Disney Company Sports Business Development Internship

The Walt Disney Company is pleased to announce the Sports Business Development Internship program for spring 2018. The Internship program must be recent graduate (undergrad or graduate) or graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in General Business, Economics, Finance or related field.

Provided By: Walt Disney Company
Salary: Not Known
Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate
Deadline: January 2018 to June 2018.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/walt-disney-company-sports-business-development-internship/

United Negro College Fund Wm Wrigley Scholarship

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is pleased to announce the Wm Wrigley scholarship. To eligible, candidates should be majoring engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical, industrial), business, finance, accounting, chemistry, economics, computer science or marketing. The program provides financial assistance to junior and seniors who are attending a UNCF college/university during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Provided By: United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
Course: Multiple courses
Award: $5,000
Eligibility: UNCF college/university’s junior and seniors
Deadline: October 6, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/united-negro-college-fund-wm-wrigley-scholarship/

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

Council of Independent Colleges Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) is delighted to announce the Davies-Jackson Scholarship. The program provides a unique opportunity for seniors who are graduating in 2018 or who have graduated in 2017. The program is expressly intended for students who are among the first generation in families of limited financial resources to graduate from college.

Provided By: Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)
Course: Multiple courses
Award: $50,000
Eligibility: Seniors who are graduating in 2018 or who have graduated in 2017
Deadline: October 20, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.developingcareer.com/council-of-independent-colleges-davies-jackson-scholarship/

MUFG Union Bank Scholarship Program

The MUFG Union Bank Scholarship Program was established by the Union Bank Foundation in partnership with the UNCF. The Union Bank Scholarship Program is available to juniors, seniors or Graduate students who enroll full-time at a four year accredited colleges or universities in the fall of 2017. To apply, the applicants must be pursuing a degree in accounting, banking, business, economics, finance information technology, and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30 on a 4 point scale. Selected students will receive a one-time $5,400 merit scholarship in the fall of 2017.

Provided By: Union Bank Foundation
Course: Degree courses
Award: $5,400
Eligibility: Juniors, seniors or graduate students
Deadline: October 15, 2017.
Apply Now: https://scholarships.uncf.org/Program/Details/6a46b662-2284-4ebe-a09e-02f4f731833f

What’sFlame Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

As aforementioned, to encourage education in the entrepreneurial space, whatsflame has created the What’sFlame Young Entrepreneur’s Scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Any student who is currently studying marketing, business, IT, communications, advertising, or economics may be eligible to apply and win the scholarship. One aspiring student entrepreneur will receive a $1000 award for writing a brief 500-1,000 word business proposal that outlines how they would use the award money to advance their great idea.

Provided By: whatsflame.com
Course: Degree course
Award: $1000
Eligibility: Undergraduate or postgraduate student
Deadline: November 25, 2017.
Apply Now: http://whatsflame.com/scholarship/

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship

AfterCollege, Inc. is pleased to announce the AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship. Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA, AS, BA, BS, MS, and Ph.D.) in a field of business. Business may include (but is not limited to): Accounting, Advertising, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, International Relations, Management, Political Science, Public Relations, etc. Winners will get up to $500 award amount through the program.

Provided By: AfterCollege, Inc.
Course: Degree courses
Award: $500
Eligibility: Current students
Deadline: Dec 31, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.aftercollege.com/company/aftercollege-inc/10/scholarship/183/

Free Online Course on Economics: Consumer Demand

The Babson College introduces a free online course named as Economics: Consumer Demand. Learn the fundamental economic principles of consumer demand and how the relationship between price, quantity, and demand affect the market.In this economics course, you will gain a solid understanding of demand, its underlying principles, major determinants and how they are beneficial for individuals, decision makers inside the firm, and policymakers.

Provided By: Babson College
Subject: Economics & Finance
Duration: 4 weeks
Requirement: Anyone
Start Date: October 17, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-on-economics-consumer-demand/

Free Online Course on Agriculture Economics and Nature

The University of Western Australia is proud to announce you a free online coursed named as Agriculture, Economics, and Nature. This course will help you to contribute to better decision-making by farmers, or by agencies servicing agriculture, and it will help you to understand why farmers respond to policies and economic opportunities in the ways they do. The course includes high-quality video lectures, interviews with experts, demonstrations of how to build economic models in spreadsheets, practice quizzes, and a range of recommended readings and optional readings.

Provided By: University of Western Australia
Subject: Economics
Duration: 7 weeks
Requirement: Anyone
Start Date: November 6, 2017.
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-on-agriculture-economics-and-nature/

What Can You Do With An Economics Degree?

Free Online Course on Public Economics

National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) is proud to declare free online course named as “Public Economics”. This course offers an introduction to the public economics theory. It does not aspire to cover theories of taxation, public expenditures, regulation etc. at length and in-depth. Rather, the ambition is to give a bird’s eye view of central themes of public economics and related disciplines and teach concepts, logic, and ideas, rather than methods of analysis, which would require an entirely different course format.

Provided By: National Research University
Subject: Economics
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirement: Basic calculus and game theory
Start Date: October 9.
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-public-economics/

Free Online Course on Economics of Crime

Hanyang University introduces you a free online course named as “Economics of Crime”. In this course, you’ll learn about the key determinants of criminal choice such as motivation, deterrence, and punishment. Under the rational choice framework potential, criminals are more likely to participate in illegitimate activities when the expected gains are greater and the expected losses smaller.

Provided By: Hanyang University
Subject: Economics
Duration: 6 weeks
Requirement: None
Start Date: Date to be announced
Apply Now: https://www.freeeducator.com/free-online-course-economics-crime/

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